Etteplan AIM

Successful investment projects and maintenance operations require top quality baseline information on assets including infrastructure, equipment and machinery. Etteplan AIM (Asset Information Management) is a service to manage and coordinate the customer’s asset information.

The value of Etteplan AIM is based on increased efficiency and cost savings as information documentation is accurate and easily available for investment projects and maintenance operations.

Etteplan brings order and discipline to your documentation process


This is how Etteplan AIM works:

Etteplan provides a dedicated team to supervise and manage all relevant asset information for the customer’s operations. The users of documentation such as engineers, asset owners, authorities and contractors have immediate online access to information needed.

The duties of the Etteplan AIM service include, for example:

  • maintenance of customer’s information management system to ensure up-to-date baseline information
  • preparation of initial data packages for investment projects
  • training of project teams in documentation rules and version management
  • supervision of as-built changes in technical documentation
  • identification of improvement possibilities in documentation process
  • customer support

Considerable time and cost savings as documents are up-to-date and easily findable.


No time consuming searching and correction of data needed as Etteplan AIM service creates an efficient process to maintain and manage all relevant documents. Etteplan AIM service makes sure that all documents are up-to-date and accessible. The customer’s personnel can fully focus on their task and make sure the project’s or operation’s goals are met.

Our satisfied Etteplan AIM customers include Finavia, Outokumpu, Fortum Hydro Power and Technology and Fortum Heat.

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A massive modernization project is underway at Helsinki-Vantaa airport. In large investment projects, it is paramount that the engineers can work with up-to-date baseline data. Finavia chose Etteplan as its partner to make the technical documentation process even more reliable.

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